Strategic Design

An app based solution to raise awareness for the non-profit organization Conservation International. Created for a two week workshop in collaboration with Lily Sin and Isaiah Montoya.

The goal of the workshop, entitled Strategic Design, was to formulate a strategy which would raise awareness for Conservation International.

This was purely an educational endeavor and in no way represents ideas, intentions, nor is endorsed by Conservation International in any way.

The majority of the workshop consisted of researching the organization, as well as analyzing other institutions operating in the same field. These findings were then compiled into presentations and shared with the other members of the workshop.

Through the research we came to realize that CI was uniquely positioned in trying to operate to save the Earth as well improve conditions for those inhabiting it. However their public awareness in the US wasn’t as prominent due to majority of their efforts being concentrated abroad.

To address this we decided to create a campaign which would illustrate how Conservation International was in fact attempting to preserve the quality of daily life many people took for granted. The app “Claim Happiness” would allow a user to scan a product that brings them joy in their day-to-day lives and would be able to follow the journey of it’s production, the goal was to illustrate show how few steps separated the happiness of user from the efforts of CI. Other features of the application included teaching people how to responsibly dispose of the scanned items once they no longer needed them, offering direct link to donate to CI, and to share the product’s journey with their friends.

As a final piece of viral marketing we created posters prompting people to go out and claim happiness, capitalizing on people’s curiosity to direct them to app.

Created around January of 2013