Two Lines Align

The mailer had to serve two functions—act as a foldable booklet, and once fully open present a poster on the reverse. In the true spirit of the two designers, who in my opinion challenged the format of the printed medium, I decided to also follow suit. I attempted to invert the roles a booklet and a poster, where the fully expanded poster side took on the information and design of a booklet, and the booklet assumed the role of a hand-held poster.

An informational double-sided mailer drawing parallels between a historic designer, Quentin Fiore, and a contemporary counterpart, Irma Boom.

Booklet as poster

The booklet really needs to be held to fully experience the intent and the reappropriation of the mediums. The diminutive booklet grows very quickly until it threatens to completely envelope the reader, causing them to hold it out and digest it as hand-held poster.

Click on the design below to see how it transforms.

Poster as booklet

The second half of the design lives on the reverse side, and is meant to be hung on a wall. I used various contrasts to engage the reader and draw them in ever closer, essentially having to read the large scale booklet at an intimate distance, relocating to read different sections.

Created around March of 2013